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Construction Management is a method of project delivery as it creates a direct partnership relationship with the client. This project delivery method generally results in more expeditious schedules, lower costs of design and construction, and less contractor-initiated change requests due to document design errors and omissions.


Kompakt has provided construction management services, including pre-construction services, for over nineteen years and prides itself on its commitment to thoroughly understanding the needs and goals of the client.


We use flexible and Customer-friendly project management system, which only engages minimum number of employees required for efficient operation. We have wide spectrum of established contracts at local development, engineering and construction market and successfull experience of project-related negotiations in civil and industrial construction.


Due to a desire to partner with the client from conceptual stages and work together to execute a seamless project, Kompakt is an advocate of the Design-Assist project delivery method. The design, constructability and cost issues are managed simultaneously through a partnership with the architect.


We have extensive experience of participation in complex and complicated projects in various fields - within the due time and the pre-defined budget.


The design-assist contractor strives to ultimately minimize the project risk for an owner and reducing the delivery schedule and provide optimal balance between engineering, execution of works, time and expenses.


We have solid material and technical facilities for successful implementation of projects of any complexity, including facilities for production of industrial glass and metalworks.


Our own production facilities enable us to significantly reduce the cost without losing quality.


Well-balanced mixed team of technical specialists experienced in construction works and contract sourcing specialists experienced in commercial negotiations is the key for success on construction service market.


High qualification of our team and a large number of successfully completed projects allow us to guarantee perfect results for renovation and conversion of historic buildings, regardless of their location.


Our portfolio includes a number of outstanding architectural monuments of St. Petersburg.


Inextricable link with a long tradition of construction industry in Russia helps Kompact to find solutions to even the non-trivial tasks requiring the participation of narrowly focused specialists and the use of unique techniques.


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